Event Medical Cover

We offer fully comprehensive medical cover for all types of events, from sporting event, concerts & festivals, and everything in between, regardless of the size, venue or terrain! From First Aiders to Paramedics, Treatment Points, Base Stations, 4×4 Response Vehicles, Patient Carrying Ambulances or Welfare Services, we can provide it.

First Aid & Treatment Points / Base Stations

For large events, or events based at stationary venues, we are able to provide First Aid & Treatment Points, as well as Welfare Facilities. These have many benefits:

  • Provides a highly visible point, allowing people seeking aid to easily do so.
  • Allows organisers to signpost and map a set point, where aid is guaranteed to found.
  • Allows for a sheltered and safe place for treatment to be provided.
  • Gives the ability for our vehicles to drop off patients once suitable, allowing them to be able to respond to incidents.
  • Can be expanded into a welfare station, providing a quiet, safe and warm place for people should they need it.

Our Fleet

We have a range of vehicles, which can be equipped for different purposes to best suit your needs:

  • All of our vehicles are 4-wheel drive and off-road capable, so can reach places where regular ambulance cannot.
  • Our 4×4 Land Rover vehicles allow for a quicker response to incidents, and are capable of carrying patients if required.
  • All of our vehicles are equipment with AED (Automated External Defibrillators), Oxygen, Entonox, Spinal Immobilisation Equipment, and a full range of Medical Supplies from basic First Aid to Major Trauma and Resuscitation.
  • Our vehicles all carry extra equipment such as basic fire fighting equipment, as well as major incident management equipment.

Medical Staff & Crews

We can provide staff and crews to suit many different events and needs, from First Aiders for smaller events, such as Indoor Fairs, to full Paramedic Led Teams for Large Music Festivals and Sporting Events.

Patient Transport & Transfers

We are able to offer private transport and transfer services for stretcher bound, wheelchair or walk-on patients to and from destinations. This services can be used for hospital, doctor or clinic appointments, journeys too and from care facilities, and more.